Why NovoSIP video doorphone?

novosip-sIt opens the door to you, from your workplace or on the go from your tablet or Smartphone running Android.

Calls are sent to the user as a call from Skype but in fact the technology is Open Source. Suddenly you have a video intercom that works on all devices you want to connect it (Android only for now).

The SIP protocol is the standard protocol of the professional IP telephony in the world.  SIP means “Session Initiation Protocol”. SIP is a request-response protocol, dealing with requests from clients and responses from servers.

The addition of video IP using the H.264 video coding is another standard that explain why our door station is able to connect with most of SIP client applications running on several OS like iOS, Android, Linux and Windows.

5 thoughts on “Why NovoSIP video doorphone?

  1. Carlos Fernandes

    Hello sir,

    We are highly interested in your IP VIDEO DOOR STATION ON RASPBERRY PI
    you have a option to sell without a raspberry pi. you will send a image to be installed to my raspberry pi ?

  2. admin Post author

    Exactly, we will give you an access to the image so you can install it in your Raspberry Pi SD card. We would be very interested to work on Brazilian market.

    1. Carlos Fernandes

      what i need to sell your products in Brazilian Market . my company is especialized on network and surveilance, and also part of LinuxMCE, would be interesting to integrate your product to LinuxMCE

  3. admin Post author

    I will study the details about the way to collaborate with the Oyoma team that manufactures the NovoSIP (Oyoma is the company name with activity detailed on http://www.oyoma.net)


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