tablet holder

Wall mount holder for tablet

Wall mount holder for tablet

We finally found easy mounting to install and affordable to set the home automation tablet to the wall of the apartment. This well-designed support, can guide the tablet so that it can be accessible to all family members who want to use it. We can discover in the online store site NovoSIP ( at a price of 15 Euros before tax which is reasonable for this type of product.

support mural pour tablette

It’s only missing the tablet and a small electronic board that we are developing to provide PoE power to the tablet. We are currently testing this purpose an Android tablet 4.4 format 10 inches with a RJ-45 Ethernet connection is supplying by a 9-volt jack connector.

The most critical factor is the audio quality for SIP video entry application. If the results are fine, we offer this tablet soon associated with PoE option and a “magnetic loop” for the hearing impaired

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