IP video door bell

Video doorbell “peer to peer” to open to visitors from your iPhone or Android Smartphone

In the same time our video entry SIP developments “high end” based on the Raspberry Pi, we realized that it would be a shame to miss the needs of customers looking for a small, simple and cheap device devoid benefits evolutions of the Raspberry but doing the job.

We have begun testing a small very promising video door station since for a very low price, it enables communication with your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Unlike other similar products good manufacturing Asian markets we found some advantages to this product:

  • managing an electric strike the choice of using WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Possible connection in local mode without being dependent on an external server
  • Audio and video quality correct
  • Video surveillance and alarm options (we have not had the time to explore)

Disadvantage at this stage of our tests: no connection to the exit button (fortunately we have a timed relay board for that)

IP video doorphone

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