Sketchup 3D assembly of the NovoSIP door Station with Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi and NovoSIPThe assembly of 3 parts, aluminum front doorman, card NovoSIP and Raspberry Pi was made from 3D files in Sketchup.

We thank the fine article Framboise314, the French Raspberry Pi blog about it which is a nice summary of what you can find in 3D modeling on the Raspberry. Just a note: we struggled to find a model with mounting holes among free and have finally found the one “Gandy” on the 3D Warehouse Sketchup as best suited. After a few triturages we could verify the good agreement of our map with various mechanical attachments between the face of the SIP video door phone and Raspberry Pi.

It was a pleasure to use the really friendly 3D software Sketchup and we even used the 2D import of layout design of our electronic board as a layer we deleted at the end to create the most important 3D details of our board.

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