SIP client for PC

SIP client on PC with Windows to communicate with the SIP door station

We tested the MicroSIP software that is an application for Windows Phone SIP with H264 video. It works perfectly and allows you to open the door using the keyboard window by dialing a programmed DTMF code.

To facilitate the use and proramming for NovoSIP we show you below screenshots of the PC with the parameters that we tested. The version of the OS is Windows 7, the SIP server used is Ansisip. The setting of the NovoSIP is the same as described in the manual user on Antisip mode.

Microsip with NovoSIPBelow is a screen shot where you can see two people present at the NovoSIP door station viewed from the PC equipped MicroSIP (I have a little clumsily retouched image with to remove some elements of the landscape).

sc04The conclusion is that MicroSIP software is very fast and easy to install, configure and use and is an excellent solution for those who want to use the porter NovoSIP both from a smartphone or a tablet PC. This is particularly interesting for a reception desk in a company by saving the desk space compared to a traditional video monitor.


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