Multi-directional video door panel

Door panel presentation

SIP video door intercom

The NovoSIP multi-direction door station behaves like a phone ringing on the smartphone or tablet equipped with Oyoma SIP application. The resident can see the visitor and chose to start the dialogue and open the door by pressing the key icon on his SIP client application software.
Freeswitch SIP technology with internal built-in card Raspbian Linux server. Street panel anti-vandal anodized 6 mm width. TFT 480 x 272 graphic display to search for names. Information display  icons “call in progress”, “talk”, “open door”. Color Raspicam camera HD. Echo cancellation. Stainless steel keypad with raised dot for the visually impaired, allowing direct calls via keyboard or via the name selection.

Freeswitch SIP server is installed in the Raspberry Pi for local network connection but you can also use external SIP servers and even manage multiple door station on the same building. The IO board allow PoE and two door commands. Possibility to add an external bell or beacon with enlightenment for hard hearing situations (industry).
SIP intercom for condoPossibility to use regular or SIP phones for corporate installations (compatible with 3CX or OVH). You can find for free on our NovoSIP web site ( SIP applications on Android, iOS or Windows.

The access control uses Mifare ® technology for a use with Vigik ® for the color management the apartment’s keys and management of pass with time schedule. The events are stored and displayed via the Internet.

A powerful solution

  • SIP collective video door panelCapacity 500 names to call using the alphabetical search on the screen or by direct call number on the keypad
  • Can work with multiple building access with several door stations
  • Graphic color display and backlit keyboard stainless steel.
  • Ethernet connection with PoE including two electric strikes.
  • Possibility of using three signal LEDs for optional LED (for handicaps, enlightenment and other uses).
  • RFID Mifare reader for access control
  • Works with SIP clients on Android, iOS or Windows

    Download PDF documentation here: novosip-scroll-en