SIP doorbellThe installation is very simple: take a CAT 5 Ethernet wire (1) from your PoE switch to the NovoSIP SIP door station, then connect the electric striking plate to the terminal connector block labeled LOCK by using two 9/10th diameter wires (2).

The strike must have a 12 volts potential with a maximum of 350 mA consumption. The door opening relay time delay is set on 4 seconds as standard.

installation SIPThe door station is made of a 6mm thick aluminum sheet with embedding case fixation by 4 anti-vandalism torx type screws.

The joined video camera even works with low luminosity, but we advise you to install lighting with presence detector to improve the night-vision. The door panel’s installation height must allow a person in a wheelchair to access the call icon.

A terminal connector block labeled EXIT is meant to connect a dry contact output push button. We will pay attention to place it out of reach from an outside person of the protected area.

sip installation