LED connection on NovoSIP board


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    I need the LED light. Is ist possible to do it on my own? Can you tell me which LED do you use and where i can connect the LED on the I/O board. Are there some changes necessary on the raspi config?

    Indeed the board version you have doesn’t have drive contact output ; but two 12 Volt switched output on this spot :
    NovoSIP connection
    The solution to have a drive contact output is to use a relay NO, one that use 12V as command voltage.

    Second point concerning LEDs, the 3 LED output are designed for display LED. The supply is 5V and you have a 680Ohms resitor associated. For instance, with a 2Volt LED you will have 4mA of current.
    Here is an example of the kind of LED adapted : http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1825535.pdf (the red one)

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