My garage door is automatic and I need a dry contact

As you can see in the Installation Manual, you can set the outputs to dry contact instead of 12 volts by changing the jumpers position on the IO board.

Below the detail of jumper setting for the door outputs:jumpers

Higher position = 12Vdc

Lower position = dry contact


  • Lock 1 : jumper high = 12 Volts on door #1.
  • Lock 2 : jumper low = dry contact on door #2.

The default door lock command is done by DTMF = 55. Verify that it is set in your SIP client parameters.

The second door lock is automatically on DTMF = 56.

Can I use any PoE switch?

There are many variants of the standard as explained in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet). We use the 10/100 DC on Spares (mode B) that does not mix signal and power on same conductors. We supply PoE injectors to fit with normal (not PoE) switches by injecting 48 volts on pairs 4/5 and 7/8.

You can also use our external power supply entry on the IO board to connect a 2A 12VDC power supply.

The actual version is Midspan (+ on 4/5 and – on 7/8) but we are working to propose soon Endspan version (+ on 1/2 and – on 3/6) for the new model that will include a Raspberry Pi model B+.

We also did some tests using different cables and distances to check special cases like 3 pairs AWG24, not shielded cable etc…

Please ask us about the way you want to connect your door phone so we will advice the best solution.

The red led of the camera is on when I make a call but there no sound

Check on your SIP client parameters that you have defined the STUN server address. If you are in local mode it should be the address of your Raspberry Pi.

I am using my Smartphone to receive the calls and he automatically switch on speaker

It is normal: the call send the video from the NovoSIP door station and your Smartphone apply switch to speaker mode so you can speak while seeing the visitor


Can I use my PC to communicate with NovoSIP instead of my Android tablet or Smartphone?

Sure, you can for example download our NovoSIP for PC application and use your PC to receive the visitor call, see him and open the door with a DTMF code. BTW you can now use two door command using the DTMF.

For more explanation on NovoSIP for PC, please read our HELP page.

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