SIP Video intercom Door Station with Raspberry Pi

SIP Video door station 100% supplied by PoE

SIP video door stationOpen the door to the driver, friends, family, whether at home or at your office from your Smartphone and your tablet in your garden!SIP intercom

Requires an Ethernet connection with RJ-45 connectors to work. Powered by PoE including the 12 volt door unlocking electric strike.

Warning: respect the strike and PoE switch specifications given on our website.

… and besides, it works with the Raspberry Pi, on which are installed a SIP server and a SIP client.

To recap, the Raspberry Pi is that little Linux PC the size of a credit card, launched three years ago to 35 dollars and has sold over 5 million copies.

SIP door install


NovoSIP documentation

NovoSIP documentation for collective users building

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The NovoSIP video intercom door station SIP client software, installed in the Raspberry Pi, is connected to the Tablet or the Android Smartphone SIP client software (free download here) when you press the call button. The visitor presses the Call icon and the station behaves like a telephone ringing on the smartphone or tablet equipped with the Oyoma SIP application. Then the resident can see the visitor and chooses to start the dialogue and open the door by pressing the key icon.

Android SIP

The SIP video door intercom comes with or without the Raspberry Pi and camera (for those who already have). We do not provide Smartphone but we can provide Android tablets for wall mounting and home automation application.

NovoSIP Dimension Specifications

Aluminum plate of 6mm thickness
Push button with LED light
Raspberry Pi model B+

5 million pixels camera

2 W – 8 Ohm Speaker
Electret microphone
Connectivity: 4 x USB, RS-485, GPIO, RJ-45

Audio Codecs: iSAC, speex, G711, SILK, iLBC, GSM, PCMU, PCMA
Video Codecs : VP8, H.264, MP4V-ES, H.263-1998
Echo cancellation
Authentication SIP: Digest MD5
SIP Signalisation support: sip rfc3261NovoSIP-box-wall
Encryption : RTP, SRTP
Opening door protocol: DTMF, proprietary

NovoSIP panel size: 221,117 mm
Box mounting: 190 x 105 x 40 mm
Standby power consumption: 6 W
Max power consumption: 12 W
PoE standard 802.3af including electric door lock (12v/350mA max)
Future options: access control, up to 8 call buttons
Operating temperature: -25 to 50 degrees Celsius

For use with electromagnetic locks for locking the door, provide external dedicated relay and power supply.

Attention to the fact that there are different PoE standards. We use the connections 4/5 (+) and 7/8 (-) RJ-45 without data.
We will soon be offering PoE injectors, Ethernet connection testers and other acccessories on the store site.

 A SIP video Door Phone dedicated to offices and residential buildings including a scrolling names resarch is presented on the professional web site of our company :

IP video door station on Youtube