Monthly Archives: August 2015

SIP door station call button

New mechanic plate with LED

Some changes have been made on the mechanical part of NovoSIP SIP video intercom.

The button is now equipped with LED for night signaling and the word Appel (CALL in French) has been deleted. Indeed, we run into the problem of engraving in each language and it seemed more logical to remove the marking of the fact that the button is illuminated sufficiently explicit.

Each customer can if he wants to order optional aluminum tag engraved with the word of choice.

In addition, we also have pre-drilled holes for an additional 3 to add more call buttons, which allows up to 4 call buttons in total.

SIP - 4 directionsFor those wanting more SIP call directions, please visit the website which is presented Oyoma scrolling device names that allows up to 500 directions. It also offers access control by code, RFID Mifare with or without Vigik, managed by HTTP server mode inside the Raspberry Pi that equip the doorphone.