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SIP video door Station

SIP video door entry at Caen High Technology Campus in France

The reason for this article is that the facility in question is interesting for several reasons:

  • It includes 3 door entry stations with video camera (that of the Raspberry Pi), graphic TFT screen displaying names and stainless steel keyboard to scroll through and call the chosen name.
  • Operating on a building including 3 accesses to the same area: the 3 door stations call for the same residents.
  • Operation LAN without the need to pass via the Internet (the installer comes as future residents do not have access to the premises). Safety is more ideal in this case.
  • SIP clients are installed on Android tablets in each room.
tablet holder

Wall mount holder for tablet

Wall mount holder for tablet

We finally found easy mounting to install and affordable to set the home automation tablet to the wall of the apartment. This well-designed support, can guide the tablet so that it can be accessible to all family members who want to use it. We can discover in the online store site NovoSIP ( at a price of 15 Euros before tax which is reasonable for this type of product.

support mural pour tablette

It’s only missing the tablet and a small electronic board that we are developing to provide PoE power to the tablet. We are currently testing this purpose an Android tablet 4.4 format 10 inches with a RJ-45 Ethernet connection is supplying by a 9-volt jack connector.

The most critical factor is the audio quality for SIP video entry application. If the results are fine, we offer this tablet soon associated with PoE option and a “magnetic loop” for the hearing impaired

IP video door bell

Video doorbell “peer to peer” to open to visitors from your iPhone or Android Smartphone

In the same time our video entry SIP developments “high end” based on the Raspberry Pi, we realized that it would be a shame to miss the needs of customers looking for a small, simple and cheap device devoid benefits evolutions of the Raspberry but doing the job.

We have begun testing a small very promising video door station since for a very low price, it enables communication with your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Unlike other similar products good manufacturing Asian markets we found some advantages to this product:

  • managing an electric strike the choice of using WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Possible connection in local mode without being dependent on an external server
  • Audio and video quality correct
  • Video surveillance and alarm options (we have not had the time to explore)

Disadvantage at this stage of our tests: no connection to the exit button (fortunately we have a timed relay board for that)

IP video doorphone