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SIP IP electronic board

External electric bell

Today we received this question:

“I am interested in the sip system for installing at home. I want to add to the system an additional electric bell. Is this possible to do? Are all GIPO ports used? Can a free GIPO port used to switch on e.g. IR LED?”

Gate announcement for external bellYes we have the possibility to define the second output with the function Gate 2 Announcement that make it on ON when calling.

In addition we can use one of the DIODE (DIODE0, DIODE1, DIODE2)outputs to connect LEDs for on the three following modes:

  • enlightenment during the SIP session (from call to door opening or end of conversation)
  • conversation (the conversation begins)
  • door open

The following terminals block details show how to connect:

SIP connections